I Have a Boyfriend But Love Someone Else

ohk i just got a boyfriend recently but i alsoo like my bestfriend paul.i cant stand thiss.i wish i could have to boyfriends at once everything would be much easierr.well anywayss someone made this rumor that i was just going out with this boy just to make my bestfriend i like more jealous.this might be confusing but basically its hell. alott of boys like me and i dont know whyy. annd i feel badd for the other guys that like me because when they see me with my boyfriend they wish it were themm.annd i feel really badd.so i really want to be single but i dont wantt to break this boys heart like i broke other peoples hearts again it horrible. well anyways i need some ideass,some advicee,anything that will get me through this situationn.
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1 Response Feb 11, 2008

-I was goin' to write a comment but noticed that it was 2 months ago.; <br />
-well, I guess you are junior in high school. if you are still in same situation as 2 months ago.....that's bad.<br />
-But if you still need help, i will share my opinion with my best view of whatever situation you might have.