Ballad Of The Army Fiance .

So.heres a toughy :/ i have a fiance of 3 months who is in the military. .weve been together a year i know thats not like a lifetime or anything,but i truley care alot for this the beginning he would always make me laugh,smile,when i was sad he had something to say to make me feel better..nd i still do the same for im but he just. .when i talk to him about anything nowadays even a simpe conversation jus bsing around his response are usually "okay" or "awesome" nd he tells me he hasnt been talkative with anyone lately but then a couple of his friends,cause i told them to talk to him cause he seems a little down nd i was concernered. .they said he sounded and was saying he was doing just fine,laughing being his normal self. .and idk what to think there but . ..but anyways the other one. .i jus got a new job and one of my sweet.constantly shootin me discreet little compliments,always smilng at me,we always have something to say with each other nd i see him randomly at the mall,completely turns around nd comes up to me and starts chattin it up,hes a spunky goofy cute guy. .my aunt started  saying she can sense the "googoogaga chemistry' between us nd i can feel it. . .im starting to kinda like this guy buut have a fiance that just doesnt make me feel the way he used to anymore :/ . .idek what to think anymore,because i would never ever cheat on my fiance but i just dont feel our connection anymore,which is why i resort here. .please someone give me a fantastic word of advice
LittleBugg LittleBugg
18-21, F
Dec 9, 2011