What Do Do? Please Read, & Help Me.

We'll Im stuck between a rock and a hard place right now.  I have a boyfriend of 2 years yesterday. & Im falling for someone else really hard.

Let me telll you about my relationship with my boyfriend...

Weve been dating for 2 years now, Our relationship has had plenty of rough patches.. Ive never physicially cheated, But ive talked to 2 other guys, &- no it doesnt make it right. He has physically cheated 2 times.  we do argue Alot, about stupid things, We both dont trust each other.. Its like i know hes not going to **** me over, i just still dont trust him. &- He doesnt trust me at all. He Gets so pissed when i go to the peir at the beach, Or the mall, Or evenhanging out with some friends, unless heknows exactly what im doing. I cant have Guy friends at all because he says i ruined that, And My family hates him cause of things hes done, and his family  hates me for litterially no reason, because im not good enough, They think hes gods gift to earth. we do get along, for the most part.  But when we argue it feels like he is ripping my heart out and running it over. Hes in college 2'nd year, has a good job. He is a good guy. & and i know if we both cut all the bullshit out we'd be PERFECT for each other, i mean when we arnt fighting we get along beyond amazing.  Were so cute together, and have alot in common. Hell I can be myself 1000000000% with him. I do love him so  much and would love to fix our relationship. I would love to be with him, He just wont let the past go at all, and i have let everything go hes done. Everytime i say im done with him, i can never let go &the same for him. We have so much history together, so many HUGE things in our lives weve shared with each other, and Weve both been here for each other for everything. i know if im with him and we fix things, Life will be easy with him, and everything will be picture perfect.... I just dont know if or how we can fix it, even though we both want too.


Im SO sick of not being about to go out with my friends, not being about to go to the club, or have a drink with some girlfriends, Or not having ME time, Not being about to go to the mall by myself, or to the beach, Or anything else i cant do!!!! Not being about to have Guy friends. I hate having Tabs put on me, I hate argueing all the time, and all this Bulllshit.


I met another guy,  We secretly talk all the time, Everynight before we go to sleep, and at 5AM when he wakes up. and all throughout the day. I love talking to him, He always is making me smile and Blush. He gives me the butterflies. Everything about him is perfect. Hes strong willed, and have a amazing personality. We have sooooo much in common. I love the fact that hes in the nav.y Hes 19 From California. I have such a good feeling about him, Hes always wanting to see me,for me to meet his friends. He leaves for deployment in march, for 7-10 months and wants me to move in when he comes home from deployment.  hes so sweet, and funny. Theres just something about him, Not sure what it is, But i love it.

I dont know what to do, HELP??!@?!

Now that me and my BF are okay, do i let it go and take a chance, or keep what i have?!
amberbohannon1 amberbohannon1
Dec 14, 2011