I Live With My Boyfriend..completely In Love Woth Someone Else

So I have been with my boyfriend for almost a year now. We moved in together very soon. He's great. Very sweet. But sometimes a little smothering. To back track a little. Before I met my boyfriend I was spending a lot of time with a guy i would drivean hour to go see him while he was working. He had a gf at the time and slowly stopped talking. After i left my ex we started spending alot of time together. Then there was some time that because our work schedules we didnt get the chance to see each other. I started to lose hope and thats when i met my bf now. Through out this whole time we text all day everyday. He still doesnt know that I'm in a relationship because of my own selfish reasoning. He always makes me smile and know how to treat a lady. The other day I told my bf I was going with a girl friend just so i could have some time with him. I cant remember the last time I was that happy. I came home and seems like everything my boyfriend does annoys the hell out of me. sadly enough, I dont feel bad at all about lying to him. He wont get out and get a job. He always needs to be around me 24/7 and I can't deal with it. I just want to leave so I can be happy and be around the one im actually falling in love with. I just dont want to hurt him. I don't know what to do. Why cant i just leave and let it be done.
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Jan 7, 2013