Too Late...

     Let me start you off with some background information. In November I met a guy (who we'll call *Kev*).. Me and *Kev* met through some mutual friends and started going to parties and such on the weekends. I really liked Kev and hoped it would go to something more. I would only ever hear from him on the weekend and I would spend the night over there. After awhile I started to think I was being used and what not so I started trying to find someone else. About three months ago I did and me and this new guy *Bill* started dating a month ago. Me and Kev still would text each other and he'd ask me to hang out and I'd say no because I have a boyfriend I don't trust myself drinking with Kev. Last night Kev was texting me and told me that he really likes me and wishes that I didn't get boyfriend. I text him back and tell him that the only reason that he wants to hang out was to get with me and he proceeded to tell me that it wasn't true and that  the summary of his texts were that he could have really fallen for me. 

   This really got me thinking because I really liked him a lot.. but I like my boyfriend a lot too. I want to be with Kev because I have been wanting to be with him since November but Im afraid he's just saying this to get with me. I want to be with Bill because he's good to me, I like him a lot, we're together everyday, it's just that Kev is always in the back of my mind.....

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2 Responses Apr 25, 2009

stay with your current relationship. If you and kev are meant to be then it will happen. If he really cares for you then he will be there. Right now it just sounds like he's baiting you to see if you'll bite.<br />
The thoughts at the back of your mind could be little more than what if regrets. Be careful.

Do you really want to be with the guy who used you in the past? The grass is rarely greener elsewhere. If he's used you before, chances are he'll do it again. Why let him if you like your current boyfriend? That's not fair to him.