What Am I Doing?

Ive been in love with my boyfriend for almost 3 years, and everything has been so beautiful, i very moody and bipolar, but he loves me the way i am, still, we like to hang out with other people too, but one day we met some friends of a friend he has, and i kinda clicked with this other guy. weve been hanging out with them for almost 2 months
and recnetly im having this enormous crush, and im starting to get even more moody with my boyfriend and getting very difficult, like if i was bored.
he sometimes when my bf and i leave, he hugs me, and i feel like akward. its very confusing because i really love my bf and i feel like this person is getting even more interested in me, im not sure if he likes me, but has a very special way of looking at me. im really confused and not sure what todo with that.
I feel like i should wait for time, to know if he is really interested in me, but im afraid of what will i do if that happens.
also this person is like the best friend of my boyfriends best friend, i cant be rude because both my boyfriend and his friend will get mad at me.
MarianaIvon MarianaIvon
Feb 18, 2012