I recently divorced a few months ago. Prior to the divorce, we had been living apart for many years. He dated, I dated. In the time we were separated. I met a great guy and we've been dating 3 years. I know at one point I was in love with him but now I'm not too sure that I can say the same thing now.

All these small things are starting to build up and annoy me like crazy. For instance, he is always at my apt. He doesn't live here and he doesn't pay rent. I like my personal space and time. I have to actually tell him to not come over. He doesn't talk about a future together--he says he wants one but he doesn't want to talk about it. After dating him 3 years and the parents meeting him, I thought that was the direction we were headed. Now I'm not so sure I want it or what I want.

I do think I want sometime to heal after getting divorce a few months ago. Even though we had been apart for so long I want time to be just me. My boyfriend doesn't seem to comprehend this idea. I have no idea why he won't give me space. Most of the time we spend our time together on our laptops in the living room when he comes over---real romantic, huh?

I do care about him. I know he would be crushed if I broke up with him. My family likes him. Should I just stick it out with him? He possess all the good qualities. But I'm just not sure I'm truly happy?

Reverse to 6 years. I ran into a accquaintance. We hung out for 2 days. He left to go back to the military. We kept in steady contact for the next 3 years and then we lost track of each other. Up until a year ago we found each other again. I've only ever seen him those 2 days. We have spent a lot of time on the phone, computer, text. He talks of a future and I'm scared. I would have to give up what I have accomplished and move to the other side of the states for him.

Part of me just wants to take this impulsive trip there to see him and the reasonable side of me won't let me. He knows about the current boyfriend but he says he'll wait for me.

Could it be a fairytale ending?

tornbtwn2 tornbtwn2
Oct 18, 2009