Im Scared

Hi my names Alishia and my fiance is deploying to afghan in september,he is in 29 palms till the 6th and i just miss him.Thia is our first deployment and im scared because my dad came back from his second tour shot in the head.My dad died in iraq and someone else came back.I am so scared this will happen to the man i will be marrying when he comes home.If anyone has any advice or anything to help me be a strong women for hi while he is in that horrible place please let me know.Thank You!!
sargentan sargentan
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1 Response Jul 18, 2010

:o( I'm sorry. My boyfriend is also deploying to Afghanistan in October and I'm FREAKing out. But we do have to be strong for them. No matter how hard it is. I wish you the best of luck!<br />
BTW I'm also writing a journal for him. I think it's a good idea to let our sailors know of all the positive things in our lives, while they are gone to give them something to smile about and make them feel closer to us. :o)