My Guy Left On Saturday And I Don't Know When He Will Be Back

He called me at around 7pm to tell me it would be his last call.
I didn't hear from him until last night around 8:30 when he commented on my facebook.
He said that we will be in constant contact, but compared to the way things were it's not going to be the same.
I can't think of anything else. I have no appetite. I just wish he was home.
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4 Responses May 16, 2011

Mine is deployed too to Afghan. Where is yours?

Also in AG

Hi ladies,<br />
Thanks for the support:)<br />
My guy is overseas. He already lives on a ba<x>se but he is deployed:) He is in the Army. I belong to some wonderful Facebook groups that have really help me get through this. A friend and I actually started one of our own! If you find yourself on FB- check out "Waiting on the Love of A Traveling Soldier"<br />
<br />
Again Thanks!<br />
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It'll be okay! The first 2 weeks are the hardest!!! After that you'll start to get used to it and get into a new routine. And what branch of the military is your man in? Do you know what ba<x>se he is going to?

Hey, I'm new to this site/group, but just saw your post. How are things going? You holding up ok?