A Vow

Tony leaves for Afghanistan on July 24th. Right now he is in California and has been there for two weeks. I won't get to see him before he leaves and he will be gone for seven months, that is if they don't extend his deployment. Tony and I met when I was a freshman in college but things didn't really work out. Now, 4 years later we are talking. We haven't made our status "official" by any means, but our love is mutual and I have vowed to be his when he returns from his deployment, not because he asked but because I can not, will not, and do not want to be with anyone else. I know this is going to be very difficult, the most difficult thing I will ever have to experience but I want to stand by him, support him, and love him through this entire or deal. I know how long distance can be and I know all the relationships I have been in have prepared me for this (for one, they were all long distance). But sometimes I get scared when I think about how long it will be till I am in his arms again.
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gotcha! Well I wasn't originally gonna be able to see my man before he left from his training but than he got a 4 day pass and I was able to fly down to see him!!! So you never know what might happen!!

I dont know where exactly. as of right now he is not aloud to tell those orders

You should listen to the song Love Don't Run-Steve Holy. From your story I feel like you'll love this song!! And where will he be going in Afghan?

Yea he is in Camp Pen right now. I am fairly new to all this as well. But having a best friend who has been through this several times I learned by observing of what to expect. I don't get to talk to him as much as you think right now. He may as well be back in boot camp at the rate that communication is going. They keep him super busy, and when he is in the field he can't call or text at all. Thanks for your support.

Is your man in Camp Pen? That is about 30 mins south of me :) My step brother is there right now too. <br />
As long as you both love each other i dont think u have anything you should be worrying about. He will need you more than you think, and you will be the one waiting at home for him and he wil appreciate that more than anything. <br />
I am new to all of this, but i think we just have to stay positive about everything and stay happy! We can be here for each other when times get rough and we get lonely. But at least you can still talk to him :/ i hate this whole boot camp thing! haha. HIt me up any time you need me!