Hey Girls.

I've never posted anything on this group before but my boyfriend left almost two weeks ago for Afghanistan. It has been the hardest two weeks ever. I hate knowing that he's gone and it's going to be months until i see him again. I'm scared for him. I know in my heart that he is going to be ok, but i'm still scared. I still cry myself to sleep every night because I miss him so much, and I don't know what to do. He's an amazing guy and I don't want anything to happen to him. I've been trying to keep myself busy to get my mind off of things but even when i'm trying to stay busy, whatever i am doing there is something that always reminds me of him. So i am constantly thiknking about him. I miss him so much already and it hasn't even been that long. I just hope that this year goes fast, and i hope that he stays safe over there. My boyfriend is a combat engineer, is anyone else's marine one? Idk why i'm asking that lol i'm just curious i guess.
Semper Fi <3
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aww. it is really hard them being gone. & i am praying that this year goes fast also... My cousin is in the Air Force and i think that he has been in Afghan for six months now. I pray too, i pray everyday and it makes me feel a lot better after i do it. I know that he'll be ok its just hard being away but we'll get through it (: and so will you...if you ever need anyone to talk to i'm here for you. (:

Hi...I know how exactly how you feel...my fiance (Air Force) is leaving tomorrow for Afganistan for a year :^( We will be planning our wedding through Skype, Magic Jack, and email. I am also praying this year goes by fast. I have been mentally preparing for tomorrow ever since we found out that he would have to go. To keep yourself busy, you can try doing like I do...I just pray. I don't know your religious affiliation but covering the ones we love and all the other troops in prayer and pleading the precious blood of Jesus over their lives is more powerful that you know. I meditate on Isaiah 54:17. So be encouraged and know that God is in control. :^) Blessings!

aw thank you (: It's really hard but i know that were going to get through this deployment. Well Tanner and i werent dating at the time he went through all of that. We just met in January and started dating in February. I know we havn't been together long but there is just something about him that made me fall for him. It is hard being away from them, but just know that you can do it, and you guys will get through all of this. If you really love each other, no matter how hard it gets you will make it through this (: And if you can make it through all of this then you guys can make it through anything (:<br />
Anyways i would be happy to find out for you how long he went to school for, and if you ever need anything i am always here for you, or if you ever need anyone to talk to (:

mine is going to school to be one or he might go for engineer equipment operator.(:<br />
i hope everything works out for you! and your marine is safe!:)<br />
i havent experineced it yet, mine just graduated and he is going to be going to MCT soon and then to Missouri for school. :/ its horrible to be away from them for so long. but im trying to keep myself busy too, but its honestly soo hard! i can relate. i have cried myself to sleep many nights just at the though of him and that i miss more then he could ever imagine.<br />
maybe you can help me out a little bit... how long did he have to go to school for? my boyfriend doesnt really tell me anything about what he is going to do, so i have looking stuff up on google to help me. you can always write me if you need someone to talk too:) were in the same boat..kinda.