My Other Half Is In Afghanistan.

three days ago my Soldier left for afghanistan,
im so scared and worried. watching armywives doesn't help!
its his first time going there so we both been on edge, but i have to keep reminding myself
to keep him strong and as well as myself..

any advice that can help is needed

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3 Responses Jul 18, 2011

My soldier left July 26,2011 and this has been the hardest thing for me to deal with... My boyfriend was deployed July 26,2011 to Afghanistan. And this has been the hardest for me to deal with. I haven't talked to him since he left. He texted me July 28,2011 at 5:58 and let me know he was on his way overseas. But before he left he was deployed for two weeks and he returned on July 22,2011 and he was in town only for three days and we didn't get to see each other before he left... And we both was so hurt because we don't know when he is going to return back home.... I just miss my baby so much....I been praying for the troops everyday all day... I've been crying and worried since he left...I love him so much he changed my life completely...... Can anybody tell me what I soppose to do during this time please???? Can anyone give me an Idea on when they might be home?????

love it all you can<br />
<br />
and understand he will not come back the same as he leaves

Mine's been in Afghan for almost 4 months. What ba<x>se is your man going to?