Has Anyone Asked You This???

I've just read a post where these strong women who love their Military Man have been asked by their friends and/or family members questions like, "Why would you date someone who is in the Military?" or "Why would you be with someone who is going to be gone for long periods of time? "Why would you put yourself through the heartache, the worry?" I was in complete shock! That's horrible and sickening! That is like asking one of your friends who is dating a Firefighter, or Police Officer, or a freaking garbage truck driver why they would do that to themselves!!!! I am SO proud to be the girlfriend of a Soldier, and that pride just adds to the love and respect that I feel for him. I am honored and feel priviledged to stand beside someone who is selfless enough to lay his life on the line in service to our country. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE???? I have to tell you, if someone did have the huevos to ask me that question, I'd probably quickly forget that I'm a lady - I mean my love jumps out of perfectly good aircraft and finds strategic ways to blow things up for a living.... WHAT IS SEXIER THAN THAT?? :) Have you been asked questions like this? How did you handle the situation? What did you say/do? I'm curious!
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I also seem to brush dumb people off like that....but the last time my marine was home we were out at a local bar and one of his high school buddies decided to come over and talk to him to catch up. After they talked briefly about his first deployment his friend was like oh man im so jealous of you. and i could tell this guy was not jealous of the fact of zach serving his country...he was jealous of "other" things....this pissed me off and i left the bar. it upset me sooo much bc this is not a life to be jealous of. many people do not realize not only what thses guys go through but what there families go through.

At work a couple weeks ago, I was planning a trip to visit my boyfriend who is training and told her that I was booking the flight and was going to take off one day from work. I said I'm sure any of you guys would do it for your significant other. Then she said in her rude, b*tchy tone, "Well I would never date a man in the military, so no I wouldn't." I wanted to slap her so hard, but of course just held my anger in because I need to see this woman everyday at work. But I thought to myself that I guess she just couldn't handle being a military girlfriend.......We really are so much stronger than alot of other women! :)

I totally know what you guys are going through. I have a family member that has said this. She says she doesnt understand why I would date someone who is in the Army. She told me though that she is selfish and wants to always spend time with her husband. I understand, I do want to spend time with him, but while he is in the Army, Army is number one...he has to do what they tell him. It has made us stronger being apart, yet not many people believe it. We are able to talk about things while he is gone that would TOTALLY embarass me if it was face to face. (I was raised very sheltered and I was really really shy growing up). I told her that it was worth it...he is my hero in more ways than one. She still doesnt understand but its ok because I understand. I have some amazing friends who have gone and are going through the same thing as me, plus finding this site was the best thing I have ever done! Other than meeting my SO. :)

Amen Girl! Agreed. I just wrote a post about that. I'm so frustrated with people telling me oh you haven't talked to you boyfriend in a week well that's dumb. I can't effing help it, he's away, I don't choose to not talk to him, I freakin' can't. I handle myself like a lady and calmly say that but in my head I'm swearing up a storm. I have no one to understand what's going on. Thankfully there is this site and we can all help out one another. I am so proud of my soldier, he is my hero and my everything. There is nothing sexier than my man in uniform.