Frustrated By "thank A Veteran" Days...

This might sound super trivial, but since its only about an hour and a half into 9/11 and its happening already I want to see if this bothers anyone else with close ties to the military. I hate it how 3 days out of the year (memorial day, veterans day, and 9/11) everyone decides that they need to post super patriotic things on social media, but the rest of the year they could care less. Its great that you support the troops. Way to change your facebook cover photo to an American flag. kudos.

I dont know it just bothers me! Its like you wanna show the troops that your thankful for their service? Pay attention. Write a letter. Volunteer to help wounded vets. Keep them in mind when you vote. But if you do none of those things, I really don't care to see your re-instagramed photo of someone in a uniform that you couldn't identify if your life depended on it. They deserve more serious recognition than a biannual ritual of trending on twitter.
tjschira tjschira
Sep 11, 2012