Phone Calls From Afghanistan. Please Read And Explain?

Hey... My soldier leaves for Afghanistan in the next couple of months. I am confused about something. He said that as an army special forces officer that he won't always have access to a phone. What is up with so many of you saying you talk to your guys regularly? Are you referring to Skype? How often do these guys realistically have access to a phone? Thanks!
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He won't be able to call you, but most likely he'll be able to Skype with you. Having access to cell phones is very expensive according to my boyfriend. He said it could be like $800 for a phone that would only give them 30 mins - 1 hour of talk time and that includes how long it takes to connect to the states and by the time he reaches you it might only be 10-15 mins and that's IF he reaches you. So he said to write letters and send care packages and we could Skype

Oh ok, well that's good that he can still have communication with you! :-))

I hope so too!! My bf was telling me that they spend quite a bit of time outside the camp doing missions etc... But hopefully he'll back soon so that y'all can talk etc :-))

Oh wow!!! YAY!!!! I'm so happy with you!!! :-)))

I don't know if your soldier is American or British but mine is british and I only get phone calls when they're at a base. If they're out patrolling or on a mission they won't have access to phones. Many soldiers stay at a base the whole time theyre out there so have regular access to a phone but some are out and about all the time (like mine... He told me not to expect a phone call or email for 5 weeks from 2 days time which I am sure I will struggle with) so it completely depends what he is doing which of course you won't be allowed to know! I know to just have low expectations so it feels special when you do get a phone call and avoids disappointment! X

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