Tips From My Boyfriend

So in one month my boyfriends leaves for deployment :-/...
We've spoken quite extensively about what he wants while he's there and at the top of the list:
PICTURES & LETTERS above anything else.

Beef jerky
Hot chocolate
Baby wipes**
Ziploc bags (the snapping kind) not the zipper**
salt and pepper
tampons (I'll explain later)
My boyfriend said they get coffee on base BUT if you want to send them flavored creamers they love those, just make sure that they won't spoil during shipping or if they can't open it for a while...

** If you are going to send baked goods, make sure that you seal them and wrap them tightly so that they do not spoil during delivery...
My boyfriend told me not to send him baked goods because he doesn't want it to spoil because it can take anywhere from 1 week to 1 month to get mail there....
One tip that I read on another forum was that if you send things that are baked or homemade put it in an empty Pringles jar inside of a Ziploc bag to seal in the freshness

Optional depending on the soldier:
If they smoke: Electronic cigarettes and refills
Foot care products (tips from other forums)
Warming socks (tips from other forums)
Toilet paper (sometimes they run out from what I heard on other forums) BUT they baby wipes can take care of that...

** Per my boyfriend
BEFORE YOU SEND a build-a-bear ASK THEM!! I was going to send one to my boyfriend BUT I asked him if that would be something that he liked and he told me emphatically that he'd shoot it ahahhahahaha.... :-)))))

SO I asked him about the tampons o_O <--- my face when he said that he wanted them
and he said that it keeps the sand out of their guns #1 AND if on the chance (hopefully not) that one of them is shot it can save their lives by stopping the bleeding.

From what I read on the other forums they love surprises BUT be careful about what you send check on the respective military websites about what is and is not acceptable. Also, he said that they like movies and magazines. And another tip from forums is that if you send risque pics put a warning on the outside because they do tend to show off their packages to their friends and share things with other soldiers that may be single or don't have much family support.

Have a conversation with your s/o about what he/she would like sent to them before they leave so that you won't be upset if/when they send it back.
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Nov 26, 2012