I Miss Him!

So my boyfriend finished his “camping” part of his TDY today… He will be leaving either Friday or Saturday for Afghanistan…..  I am so sad I have not seen him since Jan 19th and it will be October before I see him again…. I was hoping to go and see him before he deployed but I am in college and I Can’t miss class….We have only been dating a few months now, but I am in my mid twenty’s and I have never felt this way about someone….. It’s like a calm feeling; I know he is the right one for me! I honestly thought I would be with my daughter’s father forever but I am so happy to have met, “the man of my dreams” (as he called himself the night we met! Lol) he has showed me how I should have been treated all along! I guess if we can survive the next 215 or so days we can survive anything!
Cgarner86 Cgarner86 26-30, F 1 Response Feb 19, 2013

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Oh my gosh, your story is so similar to mine. My boyfriend and I had only been dating a few weeks before he left January 3rd to Kuwait. He has been in Afghanistan for the passed couple of weeks. He "went out to eat" yesterday...up until yesterday, we had been able to communicate via Skype and 20 minute phone calls. He is now out of contact. I can't believe you don't get to see him until October. Does he not get leave? My bf will be home in April (49 days) for a 2 week leave. But then not again until December when he comes home for good. So needless to say, I know how you feel. So good to know I'm not the only one.

No he did have leave for like 3 days but they did not send him home he was in Virginia but I am in school and I could not miss the days to go see him :( I am not exactly sure where he is right now but he is on the way to Afghanistan we have Skyped the whole time he has been gone so far.... but he said he wasn’t sure if that would continue at the next stop.... we are not sure how it will go once he is at his official location we are kinda playing it by ear..... He has been in the AF for 9 years and this is his first deployment.... so neither of us really knows what to expect!