He's Back!

He has been gone for 7 months, which went by surprisingly quickly. Now I get to see him again in a few days. I talked to a friend who has been deployed twice and he told me to just relax, have fun, and have no expectations when I go visit. I've also heard that he may be distant and I shouldn't take it too personally. Any other advice? 

itjustmesara itjustmesara
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2 Responses Feb 16, 2010

I got to talk to him on the phone a bit when he was first there and then not at all but he sent me messages on facebook between every other day and maybe once a week at the least. I think it can really depend on where they're deployed and what their specific situation is. He told me before he left that I was just as important to him as the army and that he would contact me whenever he could so I trusted that I would hear from him as much as possible.

Glad to know that the first 7 months have gone by quick! How often do you get to talk with him while he's over there??