While Chris Was On Leave I Gotta Go To Cali For The 1st Time Ever (:

I havent had a computer.. so I am writing a couple of stories tonight.. lol..

I finally got to spend time with Chris when he was on leave.. and I got to go to Cali (which I have never been to!) for 2 whole weeks.. since the East Coast got a HUGE *** blissard.. THANK YOU SNOW! lol..

it was amazing getting to see him.. and we got to do a BUNCHA stuff.. we went to the San Diego ZOO, Sea World, Mission Beach, DAVE AND BUSTERS (I LOVE that place now), we were in the middle of the Gaslamp district so we walked around there, movies, a few clubs, and a buncha other stuff.. (=

we went to this one really cool country type bar (double duce).. and I got to ride a mechanical BULL! LMAO! it was crazy..! (I have pictures and a video.. but Chris leaves for Cali on Sunday and will be taking my laptop for a couple of weeks.. so I will add some pics than).. so at the end of the night I got overly intoxicated and while we were going to the hotel........ Chris was trying to keep me from getting a drunk in public.. but I decided I didnt want to listen to him and didnt wanna go to the hotel yet.. so I started walking in the middle of the ******* road..... I know that I shouldnt have drank as much as I did.. and I am very ashamed of how I acted.... and I am happy that I do not remember that part of the night! lol..

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Feb 27, 2010