He's Leaving Next Weekend

I don't really know what to write here but as you've guessed from the title, I have a boyfriend who's going to afghanistan next weekend. It's just come around so quick and I'm so scared for him, our relationship and carrying on life without him. I'm not too sure how the whole process works like how many phonecalls should I expect etc.. if anyone could give me some insight as to what to expect then I'd be extremely greatful. Thanx :(

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hi i came across this site on google!!. my little story sounds sill as ive only just started seeing someone the most amazing guy ever who is due to go afghan in 4 days.we both want to be together, well we wanted to be togeher from the moment we met really.everything was hunky dorey until they bought the date forward which cut our time together very short, and of coarse he needs to see family an friends too and find the time to see me.its got so hard these past few days..he is soo distant and when i see him he reasures me everthing will be fine.im trying to write him a card to open when he's on his way. i just dont know what to say. i want it to be a happy card but im really struggling : (

heyy i know how you feel exactly like before my guy left he was kinda distant and so i had the same fears that you had and i still do but he only left two days ago and im still scared that they could happen, i just try to stay positive and keep pretty busy! its working so far! and i agree with the previous comment about not dwelling or thinking about the negative it will just make you sad think about the positive and everything that you want to do when he comes home with him and it will help make it so much easier!! if you ever want to talk im here!

hello! my boyfriend goes to afghanistan in about a week or 10 days lol they wont tell him for sure, shocker!! so i guess im in the same boat as you, not sure what to expect either but i guess we'll find out! im scared about the same things, i know him and i are good but u never know what can happen over 7 months right? well im here to talk if you want to, we can go through this whole new thing together!! :) just try not to dwell on the negative part hun! if its meant to happen everything will be okies!!

Thanx for your comments, they really mean alot. I just have so many things going through my mind like him being captured/killed, cheating on me, realising he's gone without me for so long so he may aswell carry on his life without me and us drifting apart as a couple so then he cuts contact. I feel like im an emotional wreck right now and trying to keep busy just isn't working. I'm going to miss him so much and the time he's away just seems so long.

It all depends on his job out there. Some guys get to call everyday is they are mainly on base, or at least email. Some can't for weeks if they go out on Missions, or patrol....you'll know more once he's out there. My Marine is in Afghanistan right now and I have gone three weeks without hearing from him....good luck :) Just stay strong and positive not only for yourself but for him.<br />
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I cant give you any insight - my boyfriend leaves this weekend for training and then ships to Afghanistan. The only difference is he is going as a civilian - but working with the Army, living in tents and everything. I would assume he would have more time to access phones, emails, etc. but im not sure.