my boyfriend is at ft jackson for basic and we just got his address yesterday. I tried to find the Facebook page for his company but I couldn't find it on Google or Facebook. do y'all know if it's just not created yet or if I'm looking for the wrong thing?
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3 Responses Aug 16, 2014

My boyfriend also left on Tuesday so they are probably in the same company!

Same as me! Maybe our boyfriends know eachother lol. I'm on Facebook now trying to find his page but there's isn't one :(

what company is he in? I just got his address yesterday! have you gotten yours yet?

It's more than likely created because before the soldiers were enlisted this time around there were soldiers in the same unit last time. So there should be a page already up. You should ask his family what it is , I couldn't find my soldiers page until his sister told me what it was. Hope you find it!!(: