It's been two weeks today since my boyfriend left for basic training he graduates in October. It's hard but I've been keeping myself busy doing stuff. I start college soon so that'll help some. I've finally started receiving letters it's made things a lot better knowing how it's going for him. Of course I miss him like crazy. We went from being together every day to having to communicate through letters. It's hard don't get me wrong. And also today is gonna be even harder it's our 1 year and 11 month anniversary.
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2 Responses Aug 18, 2014

I totally understand my bf and my 2nd year anniversary was Aug 27th. It was extremely tough you know everything reminded me of him all week. We have to keep strong though and keep moving forward. They would both want that.

Girl I am in the same boat. My man just got finished with basic and now is in AIT for another 3 months. Take one day at a time and never get ur hopes up with the army cause nothing is organized there