my boyfriend left for ft jackson a week ago! I got his address and info Friday but I can't find the Facebook page. even the link through their website won't work. anybody know anything about this or know how to help?
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Hello there my bf left for Ft. Jackson 4 Aug 2014. Have you received word that he is actually at Ft. Jackson or did he just leave for boot?

he got to call his mom and they have gotten 2 letters. he's waiting to get my mail to have my address to send his stuff. have you heard from yours?

Yes, he writes as much as he can. He is starting the White Phase of his training today so he will be able to communicate a lot more and hopefully get his phone privileges every Sunday. Do you know what Platoon your SIT is in?

I haven't gotten any letters but he just started basic the 15th! so he's still in red phase for at least another week. I don't know what platoon he is in

The best thing to do is to keep in contact with his family because unfortunately the Army does not recognize the gfs of soldiers. His platoon number should be on the 2nd line of the address on the letter he sent to his parents. It should read something like A-Co 4th Platoon there are only 4. But keep hanging in there. It will be a long process before they actually receive our mail because their slow mailing process. My SIT still hasn't received any of our mail yet. The best thing to do though is to continue to write him everyday or however often you like.

His mom should receive a letter either this week or next regarding his address and how you all should write his address and a website for his platoon.

thanks! I talk to his mom all the time. I write everyday and mail 2 times a week. but I know I won't get mail until he gets mine. it sucks because I want to hear something from him so badly

Give his mom your address so if he calls her again she can give it to him. Also make sure you stuff as many letters into one envelope because they will have to do 10 push ups per envelope.

hahaha oh gosh that's funny. but okay I will

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