Still no word on when he can write me... This is way rougher than I thought :( he's such a sweetheart though!
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When did he leave for basic? I'd be able to give you more info if you'd like.

He left about a week and a half ago, he's at Fort Benning, Georgia!

Nothing to worry about hun given the time that you said he's away he should still be in a process called reception. It's another form of processing where they get their shots and what not. He isn't actually in GA yet until all that is finished. In between the time he will be doing drill and pt until they actually leave. Have you tried texting him? He should be able to respond until he actually reaches boot. After that it will take anywhere between a few days to a week for him to be able to send a letter. Does he have your address?

No he's already in GA, he texted when he got on base. Nobody has his address yet, they're sending it to his mom as soon as he's able to write! She will be sending everyone's information to him then.

Oh ok

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How long has he been gone? My bf hasn't wrote me either yet it sucks! He's been gone for almost 3 weeks

He has only been gone a week or so, but we haven't even received his information yet! Where is your boy?

Sorry I just saw this but mine is at fort Jackson. I got letters 2 days ago. The mail got delayed so I received them all at once. I got my boyfriends info after reception which can last up to a week!

Thats great! I can't wait til I can get them ❤️