Bootcamp's Almost Over :)

well Brad left for Navy bootcamp at Great Lakes on June 14th after a year of waiting. I went to his house to tell him goodbye because I could not watch him get on that bus for MEPs. I barely cries there because I didn't want that to be the last thing he remembered about me and he was distant but layer admitted in a letter it was because he didn't wanna get upset either. He's been gone a long time and so far I've gotten 7 letters from him but my favorite one was the first one that his parents got saying who would attend his graduation. He has both his parents and two sisters in his family, four slots on the paper and put down mom dad Jessica. Left the other one completely blank. I literally had the cheesiest grin on my face. So August 5th I will be flying from Georgia to Great Lakes for his graduation on August 6th and I'm so excited. Will anyone else be there??
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He's on ship 12 division 267 what about you I've neve been on navy for moms lol

I will be flying into O'Hare on the 5th as well. What ship/div is your sailor in? I'm on too if you use it - that's how I've met a lot of people through all of this. ONLY 8 DAYS!!! :)