Boot Camp Is Not Only For The One Who Leaves..

Me and my boyfriend have been together for six years and have never been apart for more than a week, untill now. He arrived at navy boot camp on August 3rd. I had to say goodbye on August 2nd because he was drove down to Pittsburgh for MEPs. I thought saying goodbye would be the hardest part, but I was wrong. He has only been gone for a few days, but I can't stand him not being around. I constantly have a head ache and just this morning noticed how blood shot my eyes were from crying. I feel like there was so much more I could have said to him before he left but i know there wasn't anything that could have made this eaiser. I got his call from RTC and it was 56 seconds long. I've been trying to stay busy and may take up a second job. He said we are going to get married sometime when he gets back which is one of the things that i look forward to. I just can't wait untill he is back home or at this point I'll even take him being at school so atleast I can have some communication with him. I can't wait untill I start to get his letters :) I don't know any other ways to cope with this and waiting sucks. 

I am so proud of my sailor and I know that when he comes back everything will be ok. He is my best friend and my everything. I know that this will only make both of us stronger, him in more ways than one :)
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Have you guys joined Navy for moms? It's for girlfriends too... and when I'm having a tough day it actually helps a lot!

mine is in ship 03 Div 320. lol 6 weeks from yesterday! can't wait!

his ship is 13 and his div is 322 :) And I'm counting down!! I made a huge calendar for my wall to cross off each day we get through. 40 days!! & tommrow will mean we made it half way through this month!!

hey! what is his Ship/DIV? My boyfriend left the same day and has the same PIR date. I would love to talk to someone with a boyfriend in the same division!!

my bf graduates the same day! 41 days and 23 hours lol. but who's counting??

I got my sailor clothes back last week. I was so excited to open it. :) When does your sailor graduate?

I got his clothes and such in the mail yesterday. Who would have thought I would have ever been excited to get his dirty clothes! hah. I got his address today so i get to send him the five pages I wrote to him. HIs graduation is the 24th of september which is less than 50 days away! i'm am so excited to see him :)

my boyfriend left july 28 for bootcamp it been a week since i last heard his voice. And is hard not waking up to see his text or hear his voice befor i go to bed. But trust me it gets alot easier as time goes by. you just have to stay busy and focus on yourself. one thing that i found out help a lot is writting letter every night and telling him how my day was and what i did. And once you get is formal letter with his address you can send him all the letter you wrote to him. but if you have any question or just want to talk . you can mgs me :)

My boyfriend just left for Navy bootcamp too on August 2nd and i said goodbye on the 1st. It's been way harder than I thought it would be =/ so I feel you there! I think getting a letter will help immensely. He used his phone call to call his parents, and that's fine but I feel like I won't get to hear his voice til graduation cuz he'll use his calls for his parents =/ . It's super hard when you don't have any communication at all. I'm going to go nuts when I get a letter! lol. Waiting really sucks but I am also proud of my sailor! I would never want him to regret this decision. Hang in there and if you need someone to talk to then I'm always up for a conversation =)<br />
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