Bootcamp Aug3

My boyfriend Kyle, has left for bootcamp last week. My world conveniently chose to fall apart after he left. He's my boyfriend, best friend, and with that he had the great task of helping be my decision maker. I'm so use to telling him everything that happened, but now in order to have a conversation, it's through letters. I haven't got one yet either, except his formal one. He sent it to his dad and one the memo line he said who was going to his graduation on Sept. 24, and that he loves me. I felt favored :) Because no one else got one. Conversations are close to impossible through letters. It will take weeks just to get a question answered...

Did anyone get a random phone call from their sailor asking for their birth date and social security number?
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My boyfriend is leaving in 2 weeks for USMC bootcamp and I'm scared to death that hes leaving so soon :( for 11 months we've seen eachother almost everyday. Looking back I wish we never had those stupid arugments and fights and wish we could have just been happy. I want the next to weeks to be extrememly memorible. Im here for you if you want to message me, I'd love to be a supporter, escpially when ill need one in a few weeks :(

ship 13, division 322 :) i hope to see you all there

That's basic common sense not to give out personal information to strangers... thank goodness is was my boyfriend who asked.

Hey i know how you feel, my sailor and i tell each other everything we did not go one day without talking and sharing our feeling. my boyfriend left july 28 and his Pir date is also september 24.. lol what is your boyfriend division and ship? but you have to stay strong and stay busy because time will fly by.. :) if you need to talk you can always mgs me

It's so weird so many other people's boyfriend's PIR is on the same day!! I figured I wouldn't find anyone! :) It's nice to know there are others out there. :)

My boyfriend left for the Navy on August third, and his PIR date is also September 24th! What is your boyfriend's ship/DIV?<br />
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I just got my first letter yesterday... I miss him so much, letters just seem like not enough.<br />
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I feel like I'm writing WAY too many... haha.

I haven't gotten that call from Ron, but I'm sure it's for security clearance for graduation.<br />
Ron's graduation is September 24, too! :D What ship and division is your boyfriend?<br />
I know what you mean about him being your best friend and telling him everything and all of that good stuff, so I know how you're feeling with him being gone. We girls just have to stay strong for our sailors, right? You can do it, sweetheart. You guys will be fine. Just stay busy and time will fly by.<br />