To All You Girls, Stay Strong!!

My boyfriend has been in boot camp for awhile, and he has only 7 more weeks!! (on monday)!! I am getting really excited!!
Please stay strong and keep the other girls you are talking to strong as well. We all need support, and not all of us get enough positive help or support as we should for doing something so hard. Most of my friends are supirised that I chose to stay in a long distance relationship and they say they couldnt have done it. But we have faith and have strength that grows everyday! Our men will change for the better in boot camp, and realize so much <3 Stay faithful, happy, positive, and strong!!
Semper Fi <3
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8 Responses Oct 22, 2010

It feels so long now that my man was in boot camp! Time flies!! I never thought i would be in a military relationship either! but things happen we never expect to :) in good ways

My boyfriend left for San Diego on January 24th.. I also told myself I would never be with someone in the military, but here I am.. He's an amazing guy and my best friend, so it's all worth it.

my boyfriend left sept 13 but is in san diego!!

I never thought i would be in a long distance relationship! But ill email you MLDVC, my boyfriend left the same day as your, but hes in san diego instead of parris island. :P stay strong

Girls who aren't in this position will never understand!! I told myself I'd never be involved in a military relationship.... but life has a funny way of making you put your foot in your mouth!! My BF went to Parris Island Sept 13th and Graduates December 10th!!! If anyone wants to email me and exchange stories and just talk to someone who is going through the same thing feel free!!<br />
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Hey...My BF is in the same situation! He's been gone since Sept 7th and his Grad is expected to be Dec 16th :-) I'm sooooooo excited to see him!! But yea, alot of my friends and associates say that they couldn't have been me, I guess they just don't understand true love :-D Good luck to you and yours!!