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Hello ladies, my names katie, I am new to this group and also this website, my boyfriend left for Paris Island August 1st, prob one of the hardest days of my life as I'm sure u can all relate. I joined this group because none of my friends can really relate to anything I'm going to but they all try. I'm not very close with his family, just his friends. So I'm feeling a little out of the loop with everything going on with him, he promised I would be the first one he writes a letter too. I hope he sticks to that because he can be very forgetful. I have a couple questions for everyone just so I have a little knowledge of all this marine stuff, ok so after bootcamp he gets to come home for 10 days, then he said he goes to kentucky for idek how many days and he said he gets to have his phone, does anyone know if that information is correct? Lol I feel so lost, and its kinda my fauly because I told him that I did not want to talk about it every time he mentioned it because I would cry, I'm also wondering what happens after bootcamp besides leaving again? I can't wait to get a letter I know it won't be for a couple more weeks but I still go check my mail everyday. Lol thanks everyone for reading this and I would love to hear your feedback, and also are there anyother girls on here who's boyfriend left for fort parrisaugust first? (:
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I use to be upset about him coming back different until I talked to him about it the night before he left, joining the marines is only going to better him. Of course he is going to come back different boot camp is a life changing thing. But if he loves you his love for you is not going to change. Parris Island is the one in North Carolina, Keeping yourself busy and setting goals for youself helps like I am buying a car, and i work everyday. me and him also have a bet going weather or not i can quit smoking cigarettes because he hates it, so i am trying to quit & he thinks I cant do it lol but i havent picked up a cigarette since the day he left! Its almost been three weeks since our boyfriends have been gone! can u believe it, i think the tie has hnestly flown by now that i sit here and think about it, stay strong & if u need someone to talk to im here =]

My boyfriend left august first too. I cry every nightbecause i miss him so much. is anybody else scared they wont come back the same???and is parisisland the one in san deigo? because then i will see you at the graduation on oct. 28

im sorry i dont quite understand what your are saying? hes gone for 12 weeks lol hes in bootcamp.

Hey..i'm Elizabeth! My marine just graduated from MOS, and my daughter and i are going to move with him to North Carolina very soon. After boot, he will come home for 10 days unless he gets recruiters assistance then he could be home for longer..shawn was home for a month when he got ra..then he will go back to parris island for mct(marine combat training) for a month..there he can have his phone on the weekends only..shawn usually had his every sunday..after mct he will go to mos..which is schooling where he will learn his occupation..and he could be there for a while..shawn got to north carolina in march and didnt start school till june and he just graduated last week..but hang in there! keep yourself as busy as possible..write lots of letters..and be strong for him..dont ever hesitate to message me if you need someone to talk to:)

oh okay so only on weekends, better than nothing at all. how would someone get recruiters assistance? lol now im kinda hopeing for it, but not going to get my hopes up, this process just seems s long it makes me want to bury my head in my pillow and sleep until its over:/ it seems to never end.

he goes to MCT or SOI depending on what his MOS is. MCT is 29 days and SOI is 59... or somewhere around there. from what i heard they are alowed to take their phones with them to MCT and make calles on the weekends depending on how busy they are. but its different for every recruit. besy you can do at this point is to just wait and see. :/

My boyfriend just left for Parris Island today..It has absolutely been one of the hardest days of my life. But I couldn't be more proud of him! And I know exactly what you're going through. It's hard talking to people who haven't experienced it, because they'll never fully understand. But you're not alone. Every other recruit at Parris Island right now has family back home waiting for them. You'll get through it, I promise.