First Letters!! :D

Hey All!!

I finally recieved my first letters from my boyfriend Frankie! i actually recieved 2 letters in 1 envelope so i was really excited to see that.  i was so happy to finally hear from him. He is doing well and misses me alot. I know it sounds silly but i was afraid he forgot about me. Now i feel confident and i love him so much. I cant wait to see him in April. I just had to share this with you all.
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3 Responses Mar 8, 2012

I have 39001 midway ave and thts the address that was on his first letter home..

just be paitent im sure he will get them soon :) i hope you get a response soon!!

Hi my bf left for bootcamp on july 23rd and hes sayung hes not getting my letters, how long was it b4 ur bf starting getting ur letters its been almost a month that hes been gone

you may want to check that you got the right address and make sure he has your address as well. it took my boyfriend a few weeks to get my letters. im sure its something minor like the mail getting mixed up. dont worry he will get them!! keep strong!! :D

Best feeling in the world:) stay strong girly it will be done before you know it :)