Dear John

So it's been a month since my boyfriend left for bootcamp. I received a call from his last night, & I have to admit that was the funniest yet cutest call I've ever had. I only just met him before he left. To be honest the situation him and I got into, we would not take one moment of it back. It's kind of like when you know it's right. I met him like a week or so before he was leaving & at first I wasn't aware. I guess he thought nothing serious was going to down between him & I. BUT I caught his eye as he did mine <3 I was absolutely bummed to find out that he was leaving in just a matter of days. But we said we would do this & it's going... (: Still getting to know him through this process, but I see the potential in us. Being together a long time, only God knows. It's weird because I always turned every guy down, kept my standards high, and never let just any guy tie me down. But.. for a guy who was leaving in days, he did. It's weird how things work. All the good things come at the wrong time, but I'm proving that wrong <3 I'm excited to see where things go with him. They say that distance relationships are not worth it and are the biggest struggle but I say that distance doesn't ruin a relationship, DOUBT does. I can't wait to see him again, take pictures, make memories, & it's crazy it'll only be the 3rd time we'll be hanging out. But not a single moment we had was awkward. We click amazing. I know the risks of dating a guy in the military, those thoughts never escaped my mind. And I will keep my guard, I always do. It's just a matter of remaining strong throughout the whole situation, good or bad. I was happy before him & I can be without him if things don't go right. I'd love to see how this works, <3 Idk, I just thought I'd share my story though. (:
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Aw thanks. And no he's not deployed just yet. He came back home & left a couple days ago to Cali for school. And that's gunna be 5-6 months /: This isn't easy. BUT I'm gunna give this my best.