My Boyfriend Called.....his Mom...

My boyfriends mom called me right now and told her my bf called her and it was only about 3 kind of hurts my feelings...but he told me he would probably call her first before he even went into boot camp....She said he is doing okay but his feet hurt from the boots...I'm kind of bummed now...he said he will get is battalion on Monday...I'm grateful she let me know and her are very close...but i just wish he would've called me..oh well..story of my life i'm never first and never going to be first.
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in boot camp, do they really only get like 3 calls?? and how long?

i think that is exactly how its going to work with mine. we are still waiting for the call saying he made it to boot. As long as she lets me know and i get the 2nd call i'll be fine!! it still sucks not being able to call and talk anytime!!! i hope 8 weeks fly bye! night one, and im miserable

Mine is the same way but I told him. You save your calls for your mother. Only call me if you have called her first and you have enough time to call me. Other than that it's just letters between us. Because with letters to me when i receive his first one i will be hearing his voice say everyword. I know how his mom works. She loses it a lil bit. But as long as he talks to her first i know he's ok. I know it's tough being put third. But you will get used to it. But i agree. <br />
1.Army<br />
2.Mom/Dad<br />
3.Girlfriend<br />
It's the way it goes. It sucks but you get used to it after awhile.

I personally don't think it should always be mom first... There's a certain time in life where the significant other should be most important, however it comes differently for everyone.

I agree to this. My bf did call his mom first but he texted me until his phone was taken so that means more than a minute call saying he's there. After all where else would he be lol

Mine called his mom first too,<br />
But other than his PIR letter <br />
I got his first personal letter which means a lot more to me<br />
(he has called me twice already though)<br />
but that letter has more feelings and emotions to it.<br />
<br />
It hurt my feelings to when he called his mom but i told him he better call her first.

I know same here I told him If you call me before your mother. You will get your *** kicked by me. He called me and i missed his call i didn't have my phone by me and he called me the next day and the first question i asked if called his mom and he said yes. I can't wait for his letters!

I think id be alittle sad too! but he will have another chance to call you so dont worry. <br />
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That's true just sucks cause I wouldn't have missed the call and then I didn't get anything at all yesterday first day to not hear from him :( so idk if he In reception or not

My bf called me first but last night I got one text just one but I found out he called his stepmom and she missed his call...I wouldn't of missed the call just bums me out and fact I been trying to stay in touch but they don't seem to care he texted idk they probably have there doubts cus I'm young and waiting for him

well don't let their doubt get you guys are the ones in the relationship and you two are they only ones that should decide wiether or not it will work out ;)

sad but true.. i mean when my bf was heading to basic he called me first then his mom but after the phones were takin he called his mom first i know it sucks but its the way it isit doesnt mean he doesnt care but its his mom.. you know?

he called me today so i feel better! :)

1. Army<br />
2. Mom<br />
3. Girlfriend<br />
<br />
sad but true girl! Hang in there.

yess gotta get use to it thanks :)

I'm lucky that my bf would rather talk to me than his mom. He Prolly called her first because he knew it would be a shortcall but iI bet you get a long letter. Think of it that way :-)

My boyfriend definitely calls me first now or does the same thing and calls her first but it's short &amp; then he calls me and we talk for hours :) 4 more weeks&lt;3