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Im not really sure how all of this works but I am willing to give it a shot :)
Well my boyfriend and I have been dating for 5 years. We met when we were 19. He played football at The Citadel Military College of South Carolina. I know its cliche when people say "It was love at first sight" ,but for us it really was and still is. With this 5 year relationship its been hell. We are in a LDR (long distance Relationship) Its been like this since day one. We are always back and forth to see one another. I can't even tell you how much we have spent in plane tickets. But it has been well worth it for the time we have spent together. <3
Anyway, he signed up for the U.S Army in November of last year and was given his report date and I knew this day was coming but it seems like time flew by. I spent the weekend with him and it felt different. I thought by being in a distance relationship, I would be okay. I cried like a frickin baby when he left because I will not see him for 2 months. Backwards right??!! It just felt different though. We are planning on getting married which will not be a suprise for our families. They have been bugging us since our 2 year anniversary. LOL!
I guess my question is how do you deal with your guy being away? I thought I knew how to deal but I feel a little depressed knowing that for two months he will not be a phone call or a skype call a way.
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I took your advice ElenaElliot and wrote him letters. It is going on week 3 and I am hanging in there. I got my first letter from him today since his week at reception and I boo-hooed when I read it. He told me his graduation date and everything so now I am excited about seeing him soon. I will attend the graduation. I have no clue what to wear though. Are heels appropriate?

WRITE LETTERS! thats what i'm doing right now...write all or mostly positive things, how you miss and love him, how you're proud, keep him up to date with family, life, the world. and of course keep yourself occupied. the first week is the hardest it'll get easier but of course they're always on your mind...keep in mind each second that passes is another second closer for you to be with him, I'm assuming you'll be attending his graduation?