My Fiance Is At Bct For The Navy

I've been with my fiance since 2007. We're best friends, lovers, soul mates, significant others, and many other labels. He joined the Navy in September 2011. On April 24, I watched the love of my life swear the next 8 years, four active, four inactive, of his life to the Navy. It was the most heart wrenching moments of my life. It was also the proudest moment of my life. Watching him swear his vow, bettering his life, doing something honorable, was wonderful. Saying goodbye, however, was not. As we stood in front of the desk at MEPs, he gave me his things, kissed my forehead, kissed my lips, and kissed my hands (read the kissing hand, you'll get it). Watching him walk through the doors, knowing that I would not see him for 9 weeks, was devastating. I cried most of the way home.
He called me from Chicago O'Hare and right before he went into the USO. He called me for his "i'm here" call, that was the last time I heard from him.
Its been almost two weeks now. I write letters every night. I write him my whole day, all my emotions. Last Tuesday, I got his address from his recruiter. It was so exciting. He made the 900 division. My pride for him grew again. Mailing the first 10 letters was a thrill. Receiving his form letter, with my name painstakingly written in all caps, made me cry. He was there, he was safe, he was graduating June 22!
The weekends are the worst. I used to dedicate my whole weekends to him. Now, I sit at home and try to keep busy.
I watch the webcam videos he made me.
I listen to old voicemails.
I read through saved text messages.
I cry.
I read through our high school notes.
I cry.
I wait, impatiently, for my first letter.
This is the longest that we have been apart in five years. Each day is different. Some days are harder than most. Today is one of those days.
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1 Response May 7, 2012

our experience with this is so much the same, seems like I'm reading my own story...from the phone calls to the all caps in the letter, to the videos, to the crying, keep your head up hun! we'll def make it through...their graduations almost here! maybe you and i might even meet! haha.