My Soon To Be Marine! :) <3

My boyfriend left a week ago for Marine basic training in San Diego, CA. I have been so lost without him, these last few days. I am trying to hang in there as much as I can. I am so use to talking to him all day and seeing him on Monday's and Wednesday's for lunch and now I have to eat lunch by myself. I know this is the best thing for him and I will love him and support no matter what. This guy is my entire life, he means everything to me and i love him to the moon and back a million times. These 3 months are going to bring us closer together and only make this relationship 100x stronger than it already is. I love you so much baby! See you soon! :) <3

4/25/2011 always and forever <3
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my boyfriend of 3 years just left on june 18th and i am dying. everyone says keep busy but none of my friends seem to care they just say oh it gets better. no it doesn't im dying. we talk and are together constantly and now it's nothing.

You have to keep busy. It'll go by so much faster. My boyfriend is halfway done already. This shows who your true friends are. None of my friends care, the only support I have are my mom and a girl that I met on here, that's it. Yeah it does suck because you need as much love and support yourself. Hang in there, if you ever need to talk I am here for you, message me if you want. :)

I Feel the same exact way. Mine left the 18th as well, and i had a total breakdown yesterday. I absolutely hate this all and i just wish i could fast forward to September already because it just is so painful to be here without him, go the places we used to go together-alone. Not being able to talk or see him at any moment kills. I hope all you girls know that if you need someone to talk to, you can message me because i know that my friends don't understand a thing about it. So never feel alone :)

Why is it that friends don't care about our feelings? Isn't that what friends are for. Where the hell is the support? Anyway, it'll go by so quick, first couple weeks are the hardest. I'm half way done, he has 6 weeks left to go and I am so excited and anxious. If you every need anyone to talk to, I am here for you girly. No one on here is alone :))

Hi guys. My boyfriend is leaving in 20 days to booth camp and reading your story is really amazing, im so scared im going to miss him so much that one day i might call him and tell him i cant do it anymore because i know it's going to hurt. i love him. i really do. but he's my everything i just cant seem to let go of him.

@embrock36: it sure isnt getting any easier, it is very hard being away from him. As the days go on I can feel myself getting stronger and loving him more than i ever have.:)

My boyfriend left April 2nd and i can say it doesnt get any easier, i wish i could say it does, but i can tell you that you grow from this and you get stronger, not saying it gets easier because i hate when people tell me it'll get easier or dont worry it could always be worse. No, it doesnt get easier or better, you just get use to it and stronger. Not only you personally but as a couple you become stronger. He will be looking forward to your letters everyday or whenever he gets them. Our letters keep them sane. We are their motivation so we have to stay strong. We're all in this together:) Its hard but we were born this strong and thats why we are matched with Marines:) I'm always here to talk, because i know i need to talk to people who understand too. We keep each other going!:)

Oh my gosh this is my life!! My boyfriend left to camp pendelton in San Diego CA on May 14 is that when your boyfriend left??

@atforever: Yes my boyfriend left May 14th for bootcamp (: