I Miss Him Already<3

My boyfriend left yesterday for boot camp for the Marines (Parris Island). Tomorrow is our two year anniversary. He's called me three times from airports and whatnot. I just received my last call. It has yet to be a single day of absolutely zero communication and I'm already a mess. I miss him so much. I never thought it would be this hard. I'm just do used to his presence. We spent just about every single day together and if we weren't together we were at least talking. He's been my main support system for our entire relationship. It's really difficult not being able to share with him how my day has been going or what's wrong. I've written him two letters already, but I know I won't be able to send them for almost two weeks. I'm so anxious to hear from him again. He's my absolute best friend and I feel so incomplete without having him to talk to or laugh at or make me smile. It's even harder when none of my friends really know what to say because none of them have been in this type of situation. I'm already counting down the days to his graduation. I just need to know that this gets easier.
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my boyfriend left the day before our one year and im not gunna lie it was hard but nothing like i thought it would be, i spent part of the day moping around and feeling bad for myself before i went out1 but go out and have fun with your friends! I know its not the same but he would want you to be having fun! uts suppost to be a celebration so celebrate!

but i can tell you that your stronger than so many woman, the strongest girls are the one who stay strong through it all. so many would never go through what us girls have to, we are what keep our men sane:)

Haha. So true! We don't have it very easier, but we definitely have to make it look like we do so they can keep themselves together. But I completely understand! If you ever want to talk you can message me or email me at almostalyssaaa@aim.com :)

Omg! this made me cry because im in the exact same situation! my boyfriends been gone since April 2nd and im sick of people telling me it'll get easier and its hard to talk to people because they don't always know what to say, or they just say the wrong thing, sure they're just trying to help and im grateful for that but most of the time i have to hide everything in because i dont really have people to talk to. i always want to talk to girls that understand and are going through the same thing. me and my boyfriend's 2 year anniversary is on June 12, next month and he'll be missing it too:( i got to a point where i felt like he just didnt exist anymore:( im past the half mark point and we bought our tickets to fly down to see him graduate but it seems to never get easier:(

Story of my life!! My boyfriend left to camp pendelton 1week and a half ago, adjusting is the hardest thing. I miss him so much but try to stay strong, and remember all of the reasons I love him so much. Stay Strong:)

Thank you! It's so difficult to get through the day sometimes. Mostly at night when I'm alone and I know he should be there with me.

hi..do you have a facebook page? my daughter's finace left the same day for parris island also.

I do indeed! Message me and I'll send you the link :)

Thank you! Adjusting to being independence after constant dependency is a struggle but I'm sure I can do it. I know he needs nothing but support, and I tell him as much as possible how proud of him I am. At least, I did before he left, and I've said of at least once in each letter so far. I guess these first few weeks are the hardest.

I went through this when I was your age....I was the one in Navy bootcamp and had to leave my high school sweetheart at home. It is hard but it will get easier one way or another. I am still in a business where I have to leave my family at home, sometimes for a month or more. The main thing that will allow it to work for you is if you find a way to be independant and strong. There will certainly be days you don't feel that way but he has to know that you can take care of yourself while he's away Hang in there...he's doing important work and you can be proud of him. Good luck, Eric