I Just Don't Know What To Do!

So, everything around me reminds me of him. From waking up till laying in bed without him next to me:( i have his cologne in my room and just by smelling it makes me cry. Its been almost two months and when i say it it doesnt seem that long, but everyday that i have to go through without makes it feel like a lifetime! I go see him graduate June 29th in San Diego! But that day can not come any slower!! I just don't know what to do anymore. I try to stay busy and i have sooo much to do. but i find myself sitting around just thinking about him and missing so much! I remember the first day without was a mess, i remember that my sweatshirt that i got back from him before he left still smelled like him so i held it in my arms and layed with in for a little bit before i put it on. Then i wore it over and over again until it lost his smell. Our 2 year anniversary is next month and i don't know what im gonna do without him:( im just so glad i can vent and share my stories here:)
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I also thought i could do it to and it wouldnt be tooo bad because my brother went through the marines too, but this isnt my brother, its my best friend and soul mate. i feel like it seems to get worse everyday. People tell me its gonna get easier and at times i do see it getting easier, maybe because its summer now and the weather seems to get better and im hanging out with my friends more, but then again one wrong thing is said or one wrong move or one wrong thing to see can make it a bad day:( everyone says it goes by fast and it'll be okay but those are the people that wanna fix it right away. but it'll take time and we just have to learn to be strong which we do!

Thats what military girlfriends are for. Lots of love and support ((:

I couldn't agree more!! each day is another day from when you saw him last but then again its another day closer to when you will see him. Its so hard but i know i have to be strong for him especially in his letters. i would never want him to know how hard it is. i need to be the strong one. i need to be his support system. Its real hard! But we're all supportive for each other:)

that is exactly how I feel. He gave me a teddy bear that he had, had since he was little and he told me that he would give it to someone special and he gave it to me a year ago and he goes everywhere with me and i always spray him with AXE and cuddle with him. As the days go by I look more and more forward to seeing him on August 9 and 10. He has been there for me through thick and thin and has been my support system, I feel lonely without him but I know he isnt that far away and this is only going to make our love stronger. As long as I know he's fine and he loves me that i'll get through it ((:

Thankk you! and i spray my stuffed animal penguin that he got me for christmas with his cologne and i sleep with it and cuddle with it, so it feels like im cuddling with him and i just dream about him all the time, its the best thing ever! Im at the point where my dreams are better than reality because to me the only way he exists is in my dreams:( but im still strong and our love and his letters keep me moving, they give me hope:) and soon enough you'll be in my spot where you only have 5 more weeks:)

Girl i know how you feel. Its so hard, i have his AXE spray and i spray my room everyday and it makes me feel like he's been in the room, it really helps. Hang in there, your lucky its right around the corner for you, I still have 11 more weeks to go.