Dreams Really Do Come True <3

Does anyone believe in dreams coming true? I have never believe in dreams coming true but as of this morning I do truly believe in that phrase. For the last couple nights I have had dreams about my boyfriend and seeing him. I never remember my dreams but this one I did, well last night I had a dream that I got a call from my boyfriend, I woke up with a smile on my face. This morning I posted on Facebook, " I had a dream that Josh called me, I wish it would come true" <3. This morning I was getting ready and when I get ready I always play Pandora radio, so a song was playing and my phone stopped playing, it usually does that sometimes. Then all of a sudden it's starts vibrating and playing the Marine Corps Hymn and I paused and looking at my phone and my Prince Charming was calling me. My heart was pounding so fast and I was so shaky, I answered that phone so fast. It felt soo good to hear his voice. He is doing amazing and he is almost done. After Tuesday I can't send anymore letter, I am sadden by this because it's my therapy everyday, it gets me through the week. In 19 days my love will be back and I am so excited and my heart feels so amazing. 

Just thought I would share this with you girls. That dreams really do come true. Semper Fi do or die! <3

mrsmontano425 mrsmontano425
18-21, F
Jul 21, 2012