So BCT Training graduation came and went. Now he is in AIT for 20 weeks. He is currently in week 8 of training. We finally got MARRIED!!!! Aug.31 was the day. We had to do it the quick way while he had a break from AIT or else it would never happen. Our big wedding isn't until next June. We are so excited about that. Other than that I love the fact that I can talk to him more now than ever. :)
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:) Hi Darlene,
It is hard. I am not going to lie to you but the good thing is I can go and visit him on the weekends. I know that may not be the case with every couple but I feel that as long as you have some form of communication between the two of you then all will work out. For me I pray like crazy. I do miss him and its the same for him but my faith, his love and reason for joining gets me through this rough patch.
My advice for you is:
1) Find something to do during the day so that you are not constantly by the phone.
I got a part time job and I am also enrolled in school online to finish my bachelors.

2) Find other wives or people in the similar situation. It helps to have someone who knows the situation. They are more understanding.

3) I wish you the best of love and happiness. It isn't easy considering my Hubby has a 20 week long training school but if I can get through it then anyone can. I am the biggest cry baby ever. Lol!

Oh!!!! One last thing...totally off subject but sorta related, make sure you make copies of everything given to you pertaining to anything military. I had to learn that the hard way and I wish someone told me !!!!

Thank you! I already have a hobby that I picked up after he started BMT that involves lots of planning, crafting, and weekends. I also do exercise classes during evenings off work. I'm going to try to get back into school, too.

Is it like going through BMT again?

All this being said, my airman's love for me is so strong that I have been so happy during BMT that I'm sure that it will make it much easier after marriage! I also have some amazing friends and family members who are super familiar with anything military marriage/relationship related. Thank you for your help. :) I also tell myself that it's only a waiting period before a lifetime together.

Oh no! What happened with the copies? What hadn't you copied?

The papers to go and get my id card. I thought once I was in the system with deers then everything was a go. Not so my friend! I got up there and the lady looked at me like she wanted to tear me to shreds. She told me from now on keep copies of everything. I heard that loud and clear. LOL!

How was it getting married and then him leaving? What advice do you have for women marrying their men during training?
I'm facing that with an Airman and that is the only nervewracking thing for me. We're getting married before he graduates tech school.