Hes Gone Now

my boyfriend of 2 years left for bootcamp jan2...im falling apart and dont know what to do. i miss him so much already and i need a way to pass the time. i feel like hes been gone forever, not five days. please help....what do you do to pass the time ?
mattisonicole mattisonicole
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4 Responses Jan 6, 2013

@Tmunoz93 what bootcamp is he at ?

Ft sill Oklahoma ! What about yours?

hes at ft leonard wood

no hes in the army @megumu32 and thanks @Tmunoz93 (: i just can't wait to get his letters <3

I'm in the same boat. Clean ur house redecorate it. Do yard work. Get a pet to go on walks with. Most importantly go hang out with friends and family. It really helps the time go by faster. 9 more weeks till graduation! We're five days closer! Good luck!

is he is the AF?