Ft Sill

My boyfriend of 2 years has been gone for almost a week now at ft sill Oklahoma for basic training. Beginning with letters.. Some say send out a letter Mondays and Thursday because they make them to push-ups for every letter and with all their other letters it gets annoying. some say everyday..what's ur thoughts on that? And how do I communicate to him that I need more reassurance of our relationship. I don't know if I'm being difficult or jus fearing the worst but I need more than I love you and miss you. I want that long letter or message explaining his feelings towards me in depth. Am I bein unrealistic?

Thanks in advance!
Tmunoz93 Tmunoz93
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

this is one of the things that you need to accept.

be strong for him :)
keep the faith in you relationship ... sooner or later he'll be around...
keep the faith in him and in your relationship.
in times, maybe he won't be able to send you even those " I love you and miss you" letters or messages...
be the one to do it for him.

he needs all these...