He Called His Ex During Bct!

Soo i just found out that my boyfriend called his ex during basic. If you have seen my past stories you would know that i have had issues with herbefore. in the past. (before he left she wanted to hang out with him...without me) so this is bothering me because in my mind,im thinking why isthis girl so important to you that you have to call her? Apprently it was the one time i missed his call. but bottom line is we both agreed to not talk to our exes. and he broke that rule. and im not sure how to let this roll off my back . Your views?
dlgmorris95 dlgmorris95
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

I honestly think this is wrong. to me his calls are very important. if that one phone call was not given to me this would break my heart. :( us girls waiting for are guys doesn't deserved this.