He Left On 1/8/13

Anyone else have a boyfriend in bootcamp at great lakes??
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Mine left on 19 February 2013

Mine is at Great Lakes right now too!!

same here he left on the same date too. :O

Aww, it sucks i kno : ( I hope it flys by.. I'm hoping to get my first letter this thursday I can't waitttt

Yeah hopefully I get one soon. I just got his address though. I've written 12 letters, and I feel like if I send them I might look like a crazy obsessed girl. Specially since I numbered them. omg how Embarrassing! lol

Haha! Iv been writting a million letters too ( and on top of that there like 5 pages long).. But my boyfriend already knows I'm crazy : x I'm sure yours will loveee that. Everyone Iv talked to says letters are what keeps them going. I'm gonna go insane when I find my first one in the mail

haha! I know I will go crazy too! Yeah, hopefully he's not too embarrased

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Mines. :)