Trouble Sleeping

Ever since my boyfriend left I just can't sleep I hate sleeping alone n just miss his texts n everything.. Anyone else have this trouble any good sleeping tricks??
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4 Responses Jan 21, 2013

I went through this recently, it's rough at times!! I did a lot to keep busy in order to help pass the time. Spent more time playing with my puppy, got really into running / working out, i worked a lot! All of that bettered me while he was away and exhausted me!! Late at night when i got into bed, I'd write and tell him all about my days; its win win because keeping busy gives you a lot to tell him about (would you want to read the same thing over and over if you were him in boot camp? Do things to switch it up!) and then after being exhausted and having lots to write about, i was ready to pass out! (most nights). Writing before bed also filled that late night void where you REALLY miss him! Now he's out of boot camp and stationed in san diego, we skype, text, talk on the phone... Believe it or not, sometimes i miss letter writing! It can be fun:) find a way to enjoy it! Good luck!

Those are all good ideas and ya Iv started to like the letters it's exciting when you get one and it's just different. Of course I'd rather him just be here but it's better than nothing n can be fun, I'm definitely gonna try working out more that should tire me out! Thank youuu

You're welcome! Good luck :)

I usually write him at night. Plus I sleep with his shirt. I don't care how creepy it sounds, it helps me sleep! lol

That's not creepy at all, n ya I'll definitely write that would probably end up making me tired eventually anyways. We are definitely alike when it comes to being "insane (but loving) girlfriends" : )

Yay! I don't feel so alone on the insanity meter! lol yeah I usually end up writing weird things, like my last letter ends with "I love you even if your head is shaved bald"

I don't have any tricks however, you should know you're not alone- it's normal to be so anxious you can't sleep. What I do is focus on the good things, reliving memories & trying to imagine what seeing him again will be like. You'll still end up staying awake for quite awhile but at least you'll be thinking good thoughts & not worrying.

Thank you.. That definitely makes sense, I'll try it for sure. Glad to know someone else has had this exact same problem

DUH!?!?!?!?!? drink and sleep my friend, DRINK & SLEEP