Weird Question..

I kno this is kinda weird to ask but when I go to see him on graduation weekend.. Will we have any time.. Alone? Like how long are they allowed to venture off does anyone kno? I feel weird asking but im just curious.. Sorry lol
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Which branch? My boyfriend just left for Navy bootcamp 4 days ago...You really aren't allowed pda while he's in uniform? Like not even kisses?

Mines in navy bootcamp too he left jan 8th and ya I didn't kno you couldn't even kiss them when you first see them that's gonna suck.

My boyfriend is in the army and for his graduation we were told minimal touching and no kissing or trying to cling to them. We were allowed short hugs of no more than three seconds when we first saw them.

You won't get any alone time with your man on Thursday but he'll be able to leave base on Friday, Saturday, and if you're lucky,Sunday. Keep in mind that there's no pda when he's in uniform so any of that will have to be done in car rides/the hotel.

Oh ok thank you for letting me kno!!

No problem! If you have any questions, feel free to get ahold of me.