Soo Sad

my boyfriend just left today the 23of febuary 09 lol i know this sounds dumb but it has probably been the saddest day of my life my boyfriend is going to the marines reserves im so close to him hes my bestfriend i really dont hang out with anyone else i know its sad but i would just rather be with him we went through a hard time before he left but i decided to forgive him for what he did i love him so much and i feel like he loves me just as much today has been so emotional i dont think i have stopped crying since i woke up. i really dont understand how the mail all works out becuase i looked on a usmc website and it said itl take 2 days to two weeks to send a letter:( its so hard not talking to him when we wernt by each others side we were texting im closer to him than anyone and its hard knowing i cant see or hear him in 3 months and i really dont know how to keep myself busy

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yea the first letter takes awhile to come and it isnt even from him! I got one that was all formal and he just signed his name. an actual letter didnt come until the following week!<br />
Its going to be fine!

the first letter that is

you wont get a letter from him for almost 2 weeks