What to Wear to Navy Graduation

So I have one week until I see my boyfriend at his graduation.  I can't believe how fast these two months have gone by and I cannot wait to see him! But I have a question, what do you wear to the Navy graduation?! I am at a complete loss because I haven't seen him so I'm trying to look half way decent ha.

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7 Responses May 13, 2009

i plan on wearing a dress i know he would love. its not over the top dressy but its not under dressy!! im curious how the weather will be in the beginning of november?? I might change my outfit lol. Great Lakes, btw.

How did your time fly by?! I have two more weeks until I'll be in Great Lakes to watch him graduate. Still wondering what to wear, some days it snows and some days it rains. Ughhh

I get to see mine in a little less than two weeks, also! Since he's in Illinois in JANUARY, I'm wearing jeans and lots of la<x>yers. I was determined to wear a dress, but he convinced me to dress warmly. Don't worry too much about what to wear; he is going to go nuts in love no matter HOW you're dressed. Trust me.

Good luck! I'm from Texas and already can barely handle the wimpy cold here. He warned me NOT to, cause it'll be in the teens plus wind chill :/

I am so glad that you said you were amazed at how fast those two months went by. I am on week two and it feels like an eternity. Hoping the rest flies by! Just wear something that you know he likes =]

My month mark was last week. the first month felt like it dragged on the first couple of weeks but it gets better i promise. Ill be going to illinois in january!! so excited.!! but hang in there. it gets better.

A lot of people dressed like they were going to church. I saw more girls in stylish dresses than in jeans. I wore a red dress so that I'd be instantly noticeable for my sailor. Your guy has gone almost 2months without seeing you, so wear something that catches his eye. You will feel under dressed if you wear just jeans and a t-shirt. Oh! and bring a sweater! It's so cold in that drill hall.

Something cute and nice, but appropriate! This is a military function and being conservative is important.

I went to my boyfriend's graduation last week, and it does say on the panphlet that it is casual, I wore something that was nice, but not too dressy. Mostly I'd say wear whatever you want because it is the first time you've seen him in two months! have fun and good luck!