My Boyfriend Has Been In Project Challenge Since Jan. 3rd


My name is Katie and me and my boyfriend stephen have been together for one year and 3 months he recently just went into project challenge/military school i cant believe that i have already made it through the first month!! im so proud of myself(:  i have been writing him letters and he has been writing me back i have gotten 5 letters so far! i am sooo happy when i got his first lettter i was so happy and releaved!!! i jumped around the house screaming all excited!! everytime i get a letter i hang it up on my wall above my bed so when i feel sad or i start missing him really bad i just sit there on my bed and read them! i am very proud of him for doing this! because in the begining i never thought he would ever go through with this but i am so happy he did! because this will not only better himself and make him a better person but it will help me and our realtionship! when he gets out he will have alot more respect for me and everyone els!!! yes the morining he left was VERY HARD!!! but you just gotta keep your head up and stay strong! because time will fly by sooo fast and soon enough he will be back in your arms without a doubt! i am very excited because next month i get to see him! march 20th is family day and i plan on going with my family and meeting his mom and family there!!! i am very happy because it will be two months that i havent seen him! im alittle nervous and scared because i hope he hasnt changed too much! but i know that he will have changed some!!! im just soo happy(: he gradutes june 5th so after march i just wait 2 more months and then he will be home free(: and back in my arms forever!!! i cant wait!!! just some addvise for girls out there that there boyfriends recently just went into military school or boot camp! is that just keep writing him letters! and ALWAYS give him incouragement!!! let him know that your there for him 100% and that you will be there waiting for him when he gets out! just always tell yourself  ITS NOT A GOODBYE ITS A SEE YOU LATER!!! (: hope that helped to any girls out there!!! if you need anyone to talk to im here for you! because im going through the same thing you are!!!!!!

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its like a military based school.

can i ask whats military school?