My boyfriend Tyler left January 26th for Great Lakes, and graduates March 26th. Just like every other girlfriend in here, I went through the cry stage, the slight depression stage, the anxiety, can't sleep, can't eat, just wanna sit at home phase, but somewhere about a week ago I had to remember every promise I made my boyfriend and he knows me better then anyone and knew if I had the chance I would just sit at home for 9 weeks and feel sorry for myself. (Trust me, doesn't work) So now its a matter of following through my promises, getting my butt into gear, and making this last month go by as quickly as possible. I'm not too worried about school, as much as I am him being at boot camp, because I know every oppurtunity he has he will fly me out and I'll be so busy getting my degree by the time he gets stationed I can move with him (as long as it's in the US)

So pretty much I'm just counting down the days (34 left) until I fly out to Illinois to see him graduate, and get him for a whole 3 days! woo hoo! lol 3 days is better then nothing tho, and after he can call me everyday and text then it'll be a lot better, nothing back to normal, but better!!

KimLovesTy KimLovesTy
22-25, F
Feb 20, 2010