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Ok here's my story. My man and I met online while he's in Iraq. We still haven't met in person. I love this man more than anything and stand behind him 100%. The problem im having is people telling me that he's just using me. I trust him. People tell me he's married and just talking to me to pass the time. It's really hard defending us but thats something im willing to do! He is currently on his 6th deployment and wont be home until January. We both have made the commitment to each other. Im still new to the military thing. I just need some support of people who have been in my shoes or support with the whole military thing. Please HELP!
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OH wow! I'm sorry that he lied about what he told you. I'm kinda in the same shoes as you, i am a marine girlfriend, who is stationed in NC and is goin to be deployed in Jan 2012.. so far, as i know that he's telling me the truth is because we skype as much as we can, and i have met his son on skype, i have talked to his buddies, who also whom contacted me when my bf was in the hospital in another state, as far as i know.. i trust him with every word he tells me. Again, I'm sorry this did happen to you. No one should go through what you went through.

Hopefully it will be different for you! I wish the best for yall!

He lied about everything!

Thanks for the support yall.

I would do as fungirl says.You have alot of time to find out about him.And as far as supporting the troops,whats wrong with them?I might not agree with why there are there but ill always support them.They are only doing what there country is asking of them.Im Canadian btw and i still support them and of course troops from Canada as well.

Im almost 30 too. I have asked him and he says hes not. And I believe him. Its just hard on me having my friends and family doubting this. I know he has a daughter. We spend every moment we can chatting online. Then I have people telling me that they dont support what he does! That ****** me off! I need a little support right now.

hello I am 35 yrs old and my bf online is a Us army deployed in iraq and we will meet this Aug.and he says he is single i hope hes telling the truth but hes ready to marry me..
i know he cares for me a lot and i feel it but sometimes i had a doubt untill i didnt see his papers...

It is easy enough to find out if he is married. Use your fingers to do the walking through the internet. You have his name etc. and there are many sites to do just that at no or a low cost. However what I recommend you to do first is mention it to him that you have doubters in your life ask him the question, "Do you have kids?" then you say, "Are you Married?" With that said I am a military girlfriend but my guy is not deployed at the moment. I have had many friends that have been deployed and here is the thing - if he didn't care something about you he wouldn't contact you. He could spend his time communicating with anyone and he chose to talk to you. Give the guy a break but keep your eyes open. You have 6 months of this deployment to go and I would be using that time to find out everything I could about the man. Just advice from a thirty something year old military girlfriend.